Unleash Your Potential in our September Group Trainings!

Join Max Vorovski kickboxing group training sessions at Arigato Sports Center (Rannamõisa tee 3, 13516 Tallinn) starting in September! We offer training for both males and females in two groups: ages 12+ and 18+. 

The cost is 80 euro per month

To join, you can:

1. Use the registration form below
2. OR Send us an email with your details (first name and phone number) at info@vorovski.ee




Professional kickboxer from Estonia

• Member of the Golden Glory team (Netherlands/Breda) from 2010 to 2013
• Trained under the guidance of Cor Hemmers, Ramon Dekkers, and William van Roosmalen
• KOK World Champion in 2021
• Winner of the Fight of the Year award in 2015
• Baltic K-1 Kickboxing Champion Amateurs

To register for the training, please use the form provided below:

Address: Arigato Sportclub (Arigato Spordiklubi)
Rannamõisa tee 3, 13516 Tallinn

Contacts: info@vorovski.ee